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A Hidden Oklahoma Gem in the Heart of Chickasaw Country

The Blue River Public Fishing and Hunting Area near Tishomingo is a hidden gem in a state not necessarily famous for its beauty. The crystal clear waters wind through the countryside and cascade over a multitude of falls. The area is famous as a trout fishery, and one of the few in the state. It is stocked throughout the winter months with rainbow trout and catfish as the weather starts to warm.

The campgrounds located 7 miles north of Tishomingo are free to anyone with an OK fishing license and are located within the prime trout waters of the WMA. As one who bucks outdoor trends and as one who has been known to travel thousands of miles chasing smallmouth bass, I couldn't care less about the stocking schedule of the OKWD. I choose to kayak fish for bronzebacks in the deep pools at the base of the multitude of falls.

There is a public parking area near the HWY 7 bridge where dedicated yakkers can put in. As the public area is the only area to legally kayak, one must travel up or down river to the boundaries of the public area before returning to the original starting point.

For those who don't want to kayak, the campgrounds are a wonderful chance to get into the wilderness and explore the multitude of small falls and clear pools surrounding the well-maintained public area. The trout can be seen surfacing early in the mornings and the fishing is rather good within a few hundred yards of camp.

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